Regular Classes Continue

Please note starting Friday, November 27th, 2020 PK to Gr.8 all students are required to wear a face mask. Visit the provincial government announcement. For more information about mask guidelines, please consult the Parent and Caregiver Handbook.

The full time, 5 days week classes continue. Visit

Parent Handbook to know about the daily operation of our school since September 2020. The health and safety of our students and staff remain our highest priority, and it is vital everyone does their part to reduce transmission of COVID-19. THANKS

Winter Break is Approaching

Staying active while social distancing is a vital part of a healthy life and especially now.

Did you know 12 ‘rakaat’ (unit for a set of actions in a prayer) equaled to 30 minutes of light exercises daily as recommended by health experts (

Did you know how much physical activity do kids & teens need every day?


New Application & Online Fee Payment.

Please complete an application form (visit) & email it to admin.

Regular fee or the application fee is payable here, click fee (Registration fee is $60 per child)

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