SMS continues to give unique experiences to it's students. Due to global COVID19 crisis, sudden and forced adoption of of new technology driven instructions exposed our students and educators to remote, digital delivery of learning and assessment in 2020;In the second part of 2020-21 term, learning were mostly in-classroom while it were mixed with remote learning instructions when demand has risen.

Spring and Ramadan are almost here. Flowers will be blooming soon, our students and staff will be away for break from April 02 to April 9. This is also a good time for families to prepare for Ramadan. School will resume in class learning on April 12. The Ramadan, the month we spent for fasting, praying, charity-giving and self-accountability, starts on Tuesday April 13th this year and ends either in May 12th or 13th. It is the time families start the day before a sunrise meal, end the day with a prayer and iftar after sunset. EID-al-Fitr, Islamic holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

April 1, 2021

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