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Here are some highlights about what our students were up to in April. They have collected sadaqa to give away to children in need and kept Ramadan spirit alive with wide array of activities.

At the regular curriculum side, KGs had some very special visitors in the Kindergarten room! They have been caring for and studying the changes of chicken eggs and counting down the days until they hatch.

Grade one students have been enjoying their outside play time and were excited to talk about and study of Spring since the warming up of the weather. To support this in the classroom with curricular connections, they learned about plant life cycles and journaled the experience of germinating plant seeds.

The grade 3s were having lots of fun learning cross-curricular concepts in science and art. In science, they learned about structures. For example, students learned about magnetism and static electricity and that the Aurora Borealis is created by static electricity. Afterwards, they created chalk portraits of the Aurora Borealis.

GRADE 7s were up to learning time management which is very crucial to improve productivity and achieve more in life.

\Gr8 s researched light and optics.

EID Mubarak

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May 4th, 2021.

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