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Asselamu alaikum!

In-Class Learning will resume on September 8th, please visit Parent Letter on School Reopening or see the bottom of the page.

The Online learning is available during the 2020-21 term to accommodate families who choose an online for their student.

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August 26th, 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Saskatoon Misbah School’s aim has always been to provide a safe, effective Islamic education for our students. As we plan to return to in-school learning, we are committed to continuing to provide a safe Islamic learning environment for our staff and students. We want our students to be safe, healthy and excited to return to school and we want parents and caregivers to feel an equivalent amount of comfort with the reopening.

We are following guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Saskatoon Public Schools to help ensure our safe return to school. Please note a few changes we are making:

  • All staff and grade 4 through 8 students will wear masks while at school. It is recommended that Preschool through grade 3 students wear a mask or face shield.

  • We have adapted wudu and prayer procedures to maximize social distancing. Due to guidelines set out by Health ministry, all students will pray Dhuhr Pray inside their classrooms with a designated older student leading the prayer. Students will also perform tayammum wudu in the classrooms.

  • The school building will be closed to members of the public except during Dhuhr Prayer. At this time, members of the public will only have access to the main door, and they will proceed directly to the mosque to pray.

  • Students will remain with their class cohort in the classroom throughout the day.

  • Classes will begin on September 8 to provide more time to prepare our school for a safe return. We will stagger students’ return to help teach procedures and routines. Each teacher will divide their class list to ensure that equal groups of students attend school each day. Our administrative assistant will be sending out the lists of students that will be attending school September 8 and 10 and September 9 and 11 by 4:00 today. All students will return to school every day beginning September 14th.

  • Each room will be disinfected daily and our washrooms as well as high touch point surfaces such as doorknobs will be disinfected hourly.

  • Bus service will continue with safety measures in place. The buses will be disinfected between each run and the students will have assigned seats with siblings sitting together. Students will have to wear a mask while on the bus.

  • Due to the number of people entering our building for Jummah prayer, dismissal time for Friday has changed to 12:05. All students are required to be picked up at this time. Please ensure that you pick up your child by 12:15. After this time, there will be no staff available to supervise children. There will be no class preschool students on Friday afternoons.

Please help us ensure a safe return to school. You can help us with the following measures:

  • Please drop your children off at school by 8:20. Students will wait outside for their teacher to pick them up and bring them into the school at 8:25. Students will not be allowed to enter the school without a supervisor.

  • Pick up your children as close to 3:50 as possible.

  • Please stay in your car when you drop off and pick up your children.

  • Please send your children to school with everything they need for the day so that you do not need to come to the school. Send lunch, a filled water bottle, and anything else they will need.

  • We will turn off water fountains and use water bottle fill stations. Please send your child to school each morning with a filled water bottle.

  • Ensure that your child is able to open his/her own lunch box, Thermos, and drink containers. Practice over the next few weeks so that teachers do not touch students’ lunches.

  • Students must come to school with hand sanitizer and a reusable mask. Masks must be worn before entering the school and while walking through our hallways.

  • We are trying to limit the number of visitors entering our school due to Covid-19. If you must enter the school, you must complete a quick questionnaire in addition to sanitizing your hands and wearing a mask. The front door will be the only accessible entrance for visitors.

  • Please ensure that you have updated your phone number, emergency contact, and email in case of an emergency.

If your child(ren) are attending Saskatoon Misbah School this year, you will receive an email from the administrative office on September 2nd (baring unforeseen circumstances) which will include your staggered start dates.

Lastly, our school is looking into the possibility of having our own online learning program similar to the Saskatoon Public School Division online learning but with additional Islamic and Arabic classes. Currently; however, there is no set online program in place at our school so students that have or will register for online learning with the SPSD will be registered under City Park School. Please be patient as we explore this option and we will provide you with further information in the next coming week.

We will continue to provide information as it is finalized.

Thank you for your help to ensure a safe return to school. We look forward to working with your children again this year!

Jazak Allahu Kharian,

SMS Administration

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