Introducing "the Debate Club" to Gr.5-8s, on Wed., February 26th, 4-5 pm at IAS gym

Assalamu Alaikum,

We are happy to inform you that an exciting opportunity is coming to Misbah School on Wednesday, February 26th! Mueez Rafiquie is starting a debate club at our school for children in Grade 5-8. Mr. Rafiquie has been debating since grade 5, winning multiple provincial championships, coming second individually across the country and representing Canada at the international Oxford Cup held in the UK. Now he wishes to teach others what he’s learned over his many years of debating to help them build their confidence, persuasiveness and awareness of the world around them.

On February 26, 4pm - 5pm (right after school in the gym), Mueez will be holding an information session where he will explain what debate is, what its benefits are and how his classes will be structured. We highly recommend that parents accompany their children to this meeting so that they can see themselves if they’re interested in this great opportunity and ask any relevant questions. This is a great chance to get your children involved in something that will teach them life changing skills they will carry with them wherever they go.

We expect all Gr5-8 studetns and their parents there

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