Asselamu alaikum

Dear SMS Parents

No bus services this afternoon (Jan 15th, 2020) and tomorrow morning Please note when wind chill at 6:30 a.m. is -40 C or colder according to Environment Canada (, Misbah School Buses are cancelled entire day. In cases of warmer afternoons and bus technical issue, we will contact you.

Regarding to recess expectations for winter

1. Students must come dressed appropriately for winter weather .

2. It remains a parents duty to ensure their child is dressed correctly for the weather.

“It's very important to check that they are wearing mitts, a scarf, warm coat, boots and something on their head.” (SPSD Severe Weather)

3. No student remains inside on a regular basis during recess time.

4. Those students regularly unprepared for recess do not get an indoor recess break.

Various consequences may include a call home and work period at recess

5. The indoor boot room is used for a short-timed warm up only.

6. Students whom get snowy wet clothing remain wet unless parents deliver extra clothes or students have extra clothes present.

7. Students do not remain inside unless the temperature falls below minus 27 celsius.

When the wind chill is minus 20 to minus 26, students are expected to dress warmly and go outside during recess and noon hour, for fresh air and exercise. Students can come into the school to warm up in the boot room and are then expected to return outside after a few minutes.

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