SMS-Science Competition 2019-2020

Major winners among 14 attendees

1th Place Nubaid Chowdhury (G6) A study project on quantum realm and its applications

2nd place, Hasnat Ahmad Malik and Mustafa Emara (G8) An innovation project on artificial intelligence and its applications in society

3rd place, Hira Khan (G7) Experiment of lava lamps making

3rd place Fatima Chaudhary (G8) Researching Islamic Fathers of Medicine from History

This year Science Competition 2019-2020 took place on December 18, 2019, at IS GYM. Our students researched and presented a wide range of subjects they have chosen including quantum physics, AI Technology, Muslim physicians in history, sleep studies, chemical reactions activation monitoring by food dies and many others. A special medal to the students who were in the 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd place celebrating their achievement in science will be given in the forthcoming assembly. Thanks to SMS teachers, especially to Ms. Slominski for empowering students to be future-ready, to be scientists, innovators, technology savvy.

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