Happy and Blessed Ramadan

Inner Discipline with Ramadan

Ramadan starts today for the Muslims in Canada, it is the month that provides our inner discipline and adjust our life to the divine goal. It brings family members together at the iftar (meal after sunset) and sahur ( meal before fajr prayer). In other times, parents who are in a daily rush may not be able to spare enough time for their children in their routine lives.

In Ramadan, the person will see their flaws and learn from them. He will try to fix the hearts he broke. It will re-strengthen family ties. In this respect, it will be seen that Ramadan is the month to restore the psychological life of people. The person is patient and thankful in this month.

The person gets acquainted with the concept of time, person conforms to the speed and rhythm of nature. Ramadan can turn into a serious opportunity to train the urge to eat, it is important month in the fight against over eating & obesity.

April 13, 2021

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