About SMS...

Our Story

There was a need and desire to establish a full-time school in the city of Saskatoon that would not only meet the requirements of the Saskatchewan provincial curriculum, but provide an environment for students to help retain their Muslim identities and Islamic values.  

When the school was established in 2000 with only 19 students, it was the desire of the founders that the students of Saskatoon Misbah School would go on to become upstanding and contributing members of society. With currently well over 200 students, we are proud to be a part of this diverse and growing community.

In 2009, we partnered with Saskatoon Public Schools and became an Associate School. 


Mohamed Hajinoor, Principal

Charlene Kenny, Vice Principal

Yurdagul Ferhatoglu, Admin. Assistant - Finance

Eiraj Sharif, Admin. Assistant - Student Affairs

Maimuna Mohamed, Preschool, Islamic Studies, Quran

Adel Al-Jadeed, Islamic Studies

Amal Abdelsalam, Arabic

Inchirah Awad, Arabic

Irum Ehtisham, EA for Preschool & KG

Denae Stegeman, KG & Resource Teacher

Shannon Grant, Grade 1

Tammy Booth-Peterson, Grade 2

Charlene Kenny, Grade 3

Arin Turner, Grade 4

Jodine Coates, Grade 5

John Abdulnour, Grade 6

Iman Awad, Grade 7

Lisa Slominski, Grade 8

Michael Jerome, EAL

Ayesha Asim, EA

Sadia Afzal, EA

Anjum Khan, EA

Amina Masuo, EA

Amany Helal, Arabic Resource

Erika Bakker, Librarian

Mohamed Jeilani / Ahmed Bwana / Amina Masuo, School Transportation

Monira Taha Yasin / Kenan Dogan, Caretakers

Mohamed Jeilani / Ahmed Bwana, Monitors

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Board of Directors

Vice President
Member at Large
Adel Mohamed
Fatih Ayalp
Ali Banigesh
Ashraf El-Bakri
Angela Hosni
Omaer Jamil
Khodr Bardouh
Abubaker Alhassan